The Talus Residential Association (TRA) is a non-profit corporation. The responsibility of administering the TRA is assigned to its Board of Directors (BOD) through the Talus Home Owner Association (HOA). The Board is composed of five volunteer members elected by the residents of Talus.

The most important functions of the HOA are the budget; scheduling maintenance for common areas and trails; and Architectural Review Committee (ARC) oversight for planned improvements. An association service company (Trestle Community Management) is retained by the Board to support the Talus community. The Board also communicates with the City of Issaquah on city responsibilities such as safety, construction oversight, traffic, sidewalks, streets, lighting, and signage.


october, 2020

Your dues pay for the maintenance of the Talus community common areas. The Board of Directors sets project priorities and aligns the available budget for landscape, irrigation, and entrance fountain maintenance.


The Maintenance Schedule for upcoming projects is published regularly in the TalusLiving e-newsletter. Is there something you’d like to see added? Send your request to CWD Management Company. The Board of Directors will review to see where this can fit into future maintenance projects. Be sure to include your contact information so the Board can follow up with you.

The Annual Membership meeting is for all residents of the Talus Association to elect a Board of Directors and to ratify the upcoming year’s budget. You’ll receive notice of the meeting through the Talus Living Newsletter and other electronic or paper notices.