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Get the latest on events and meetings in Talus and the greater Issaquah area. Expert tips for house and garden; living safely with Cougar Mountain wildlife; family fun in Issaquah; school news; sports and outdoor fun; construction updates; notices from the Talus management company, and much more. All delivered to your email by Talus Living newsletter. Issues are released on an “as-needed” basis—generally monthly.

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Talus Residential Association is required to send updates on key governance documents, financial records and annual meeting notices. You can choose to receive these by email and cut the expense of printing and mailing. Just click on the Go Paperless button and fill out the email request. If you change your mind, you can go back to paper at any time.

Supported by Issaquah’s excellent schools, services, retail and activities, the Talus community makes for a way of life like no other.

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Living in a planned community means property owners follow the same standards for the appearance and use of their property. The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) has the responsibility to review proposed improvements and changes. The ARC applies the governing CC&Rs, Architectural Standards, and the Use Rules & Restrictions to approve or decline proposed changes.

What do you need to do before starting a project?
Be sure to file the appropriate review form with the ARC prior to commencing work. If you skip this approval step, you could be held responsible for fines and/or required to return the property to the original state at full cost to the homeowner.

What are the basic rules for improvement projects?
Before starting a home improvement project, browse the Rules & Restrictions to get an idea of what may be required.

CWD Management Company, Seattle

Talus Residential Association (TRA) management company is CWD Group located at 2800 Thorndyke Ave W, Seattle, WA 98199 (206)-706-8000.

CWD handles maintenance and accounting for Talus and serves as the primary liaison and support for the TRA Board of Directors. 

Talus Maintenance Emergencies and after-hours service:

(206) 706-8000.

CWD Group is available 24 hours, 7 days a week.

CWD Client Service Representatives  

Joy Hodgins, Carol Coffin, and Jessica Hong. 

These individuals will be your first contact by phone. They can assist you with corrections to your mailing address or contact information, maintenance issues, and general questions regarding Talus. They are available via e-mail at cst@cwdgroup.com, or by calling (206) 706-8000.

CWD Accounts Receivable

Matthew Jones. 

Matthew heads the Accounts Receivable department, and can assist you with questions regarding your Talus account.  He will assist with the establishment of your ACH withdrawal, and account data for real estate closing. Matthew is available at matthew@cwdgroup.com, or by calling (206) 706-8000.

CWD Community Association Manager

Ann Hart, CMCA®. 

Ann is the Community Association Manager for Talus Residential Association and, in addition to overseeing the maintenance and accounting for the Talus community, serves as the primary liaison and support for the Board of Directors.  Ann is available via e-mail at ann@cwdgroup.com, or by calling (206) 706-8000.

City of Issaquah

The City of Issaquah handles such issues such as public safety, utilities, lost mail and packages, parks, traffic, noise, aggressive animals, street parking, roads and medians. Contact City of Issaquah for help with these matters.