february, 2016

CommitteesYear Around Event (2016)

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Architectural Review Committee (ARC)

The committee’s purpose is to preserve overall quality and property esthetics of Talus. The ARC meets once each month to review home improvement application requests from residents; and to identify and address potential violations brought to their attention.

Budget and Finance Committee (B&FC)

The committee oversees the budget and finances of Talus HOA including monthly financial reports; insurance; reserves; invoicing and other budget related matters. The CWD Management Company handles collection and billing coupons for homeowners’ dues.

The Committee’s major responsibilities include: preparing the annual budget, monitoring monthly financials and the annual reserve study. The reserves study is a financial planning tool that helps HOA members to understand the estimated costs over a certain number of years for replacing, repairing, and restoring significant infrastructure that might be commonly owned or shared, and is the responsibility of the HOA.

Talus financials are posted monthly, along with disclosures about the short and long term financial health of the association.


Communications Committee

The committee supports communications including: monthly Talus Living newsletter, posts to Talus Living Facebook and maintaining the TalusLiving.net website.

Covenants Committee

With the assistance of the management company, the committee conducts compliance hearings in accordance with the By-Laws and the Board’s policies; and reviews proposed policy recommendations for consistency with governing documents.

Landscape Committee  

The committee oversees the maintenance of the common areas, ensuring the natural beauty of the neighborhood is well maintained. The committee prioritizes and updates residents on maintenance projects and monitors the landscape services company to be sure the work is defined and completed in a manner keeping with the Master Landscape Plan.

Nominating Committee

This committee provides assistance to the Board of Directors in finding candidates qualified to fill vacancies for open positions on the Board of Directors and Committees.

Safety Committee

The committee promotes safety information and programs, such as Disaster Preparedness, Block Watch and arranging for guest speakers at Talus Community Meetings on the topics of safety.

Social Committee

The volunteers with this committee create a series of Talus community events. This includes such activities as community garage sales, holiday and seasonal festivals, kids parades, neighborhood gatherings, and more.

Trails Committee  

This committee assists the Board of Directors in promoting and encouraging sound trail management practices to maintain natural beauty, wildlife habitat health, and maintain Association forested common areas and trails.


Year Around Event (2016)